Coaching & Mentorship

If you are an executive running a business or a team and in need of a sounding board, a trusted business advisor, someone to help elevate your leadership skills, narrow down the right decisions and guide you in growing your department or company, 2Swell can help.  

We will match you with a 2Swell Principal Advisor, that best fits your environment, culture, and needs.  Together we will increase your strategic value, executive insights and ability to drive results. Most important, we help you get the most from the relationships you have with employees, colleagues and superiors.

Since we have come from having been leaders inside of large and small organizations, we know not only what it is like to coach and mentor, also what it means to actually be in charge. We will help you grow your business impact while improving your leadership quality. Show up at work more capable, passionate and ready for action with us as your coach. We'll hold you accountable and guide you along the way.


As Head of Sales at my firm, Michel has helped me fine tune high level strategies and build sales teams in a timely manner which has resulted in a higher level of performance for my department. George Benitez, Director Sales, Hairmax


Michel has been paramount to my professional development. He has extensive knowledge and clearly an expert at his craft. He's been amazing to work with. He took the time to get to know me and figure out what's the best way for me to grow, which is critical because without his help, I am certain I won't even know where to start. Thank you very much Michel for all your support and guidance! Renny Sie - Boyne Capital, Vice President [leading private equity firm]


Sample 2Swell engagement model:

  • Full-day onsite assessment (one-time)

  • Scheduled weekly calls to discuss progress, key decisions and issues

  • Monthly meetings to analyze performance and plan for priorities

  • Email support for quick Q&A

  • Quarterly all-day on-site planning

  • Trusted advisor; confidential and experienced

  • No long-term commitment required

(custom offerings available)

Contact us to qualify for a complimentary introductory consultation

Our Approach:

Our unique approach of situational coaching blends business advisory services with mentorship to help the executive elevate not only leadership quality, but takes business performance into consideration: thus aligning people and business goals.  We want people, those coached and those they work with, to show up at work passionate, engaged, effective and determined to make a difference. While working with the person directly, 2Swell takes a 360-degree mindset to coaching with the goal of driving performance and engagement.

There are many great coaches out there who follow rigorously structured mythologies and certifications. We do not.  As previous successful leaders, we adapt our approach to the person and the situation at hand. If this style works for you, then 2Swell can help. There are of course standard phases and tools. After an initial introduction, which is where we determine the best fit with the right coach, we generally go through the following process:


1) Assessment

2) Visioning

3) Planning

4) Practice and Coaching

5) Impact


2Swell will draw experience not only from having been successful leaders, but also from the best business books and trends available. We may also leverage standard tools like 360-reviews, personality assessments, and more. However, what works best for us is a situational coaching approach. The experience of our 2Swell principals as leaders and operators allows us to adjust our methods to what we believe works best in a specific scenario.

Our clients consider us trusted advisors and partners. Together we improve professional and personal success.


My 2Swell advisor's positivity and entrepreneurial spirit helped me reassess my accomplishments and help me find valuable insights into pitching myself in my negotiations. It was very helpful that he could provide feedback on my strategy from a real 'CEO's' point of view. He was also able to leverage his contacts to give me some insight into the competitiveness of my compensation package. Our four sessions together were packed full of useful tips and insight. J.L.V. (Career Coaching)



I'm a better leader, and colleague, and person, for having worked with 2Swell. My advisor knows how to empower teams, builds confidence, collaborates, listens and advises with an open mind and insightful guidance. Whether I needed to bounce ideas about a particular situation, or talk big picture strategy, I could always count on him to listen thoughtfully, provide candid feedback, brainstorm solutions, and instill confidence. The world is filled with many managers and few LEADERS. He is an inspiring effective, and forward-thinking Leader whom I'm proud to call a mentor and friend. K.D. (Executive Coaching)



My 2Swell advisor is a professional who clearly demonstrates a mastery of what is needed to succeed in the business world. He quickly assessed my situation and gave me valuable insight and guidance. His advice was instrumental in my preparation for the interviews, as well as my communications afterwards. He gave me the awareness and coaching I needed to improve how I communicated my strengths from a leadership perspective, in ways I never thought of previously. The results were extremely positive. I highly recommend 2Swell for career coaching. They are excellent! C.G. (Career Coaching)


Enterprise Leadership Coaching Programs:


A coaching program and the associated investment can of course differ depending on the specific needs of an enterprise. Here is a constant: to change behavior and thus outcome related to performance and culture, a holistic approach (one aligned to company values and goals) is best: adults learn by a combination of formal training, coaching & mentoring and finally, practice (doing).  While companies spend generally the most dollars on formal training, often this investment would have a much greater impact when combined with the other items mentioned. Here is a great short video on the topic from Charles Jennings on the topic of 70:20:10, the combination of training, coaching and practice.

In terms of a program for your enterprise, contact us to discuss your specific needs and environment and we will propose a bespoke offering based on hourly requirements that fits your budget and combines scheduled and on-demand coaching touchpoint for your executives, hi-performers or other critical talent resources.