Growth Services

As a core strength, 2Swell assists companies with their sales & marketing strategy, corporate development, commercial tactics, strategic partnerships and more through growth consulting in new and existing markets.

Corporate Services

In partnership with Amesto Global, we are assisting companies to set-up in new markets, internationally and legally, in accordance with local regulations, adding bookkeeping, payroll, corporate secretarial services and more.

Finance Services

In partnership with Amesto Global, we are assisting companies with corporate finance needs, including funding, credit requirements, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and more, both in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

Examples of 2Swell Engagements

Executive Coaching

Read more about Executive Coaching

Read more about Executive Coaching

As a client's non-equity partner, our founders act as peers, former CEOs, and useful sounding boards.  Working closely with them to chart sound strategies, 2Swell can also ensure the client's team stays on track to deliver objectives, assisting and directing them alongside the existing leadership team. Together 2Swell and its clients raise the overall leadership quality of the key executives. Clients show up at work more capable, passionate and ready for action.

Organizational Structure and Alignment

Starting with the future company goals in mind, an ideal structure will be mapped out to ensure talent, process and technologies are optimized for sustainability and scalability. Company purpose, mission, departmental KPIs, key job descriptions, plus additional alignment best-practices ensure maximum performance, while decreasing mistakes.  2Swell will assist clients design their optimal future organizational structure and the plan to get there to increase their ability to reach their goals.

Go-To-Market Strategy 

A go-to-market strategy starts with ideal customer profiles (ICP) aligned to the existing and future offerings.  With revenue goals in mind, an optimized sales-cycle is designed, including its critical stages and the associated tools required; all mapped to the right sales force automizaton system to faciliate execution and monitoring of activities and progress. Routes-to-market, whether direct or channel-based, plus the ideal structure of the commercial team will be a part of the critical success factors. 2Swell's principals will leverage their experience in growing companies to craft a mythology that works for its clients.

New Initiatives

Having a part-time but dedicated and experienced senior executive  to help launch new initiatives that  the existing leadership just does not have the time to focus on, is of tremendous value.  Launching new potential revenue streams, solutions offerings, business units, etc. without the opportunity cost of distraction, thus lowering risk and speeding up ROI, is most valuable. Following clear goals and metrics, 2Swell can incubate and launch new revenue activities succesfully for its clients without disrupting the current business priorities.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Marketing is often the impetus of a growing business; it is about driving awareness, interest and sales opportunities. Marketing can ensure a company's funnel looks healthy, the brand well defined and positioned, while the sales team is equipped with the correct sales tools so they can drive increased and sustainable growth.  Tied to the Ideal Customer Profile, marketing campaigns will reach the right decision makers to drive revenue and heighten market presence. Whether a company leverages B2B channels and/or direct-to-consumer websites, 2Swell will help improve both digital and traditional marketing results.

On-Boarding and Talent Development

When companies grow and expand, A-rated talent needs to be recruited.  Then, new employees must be productive, fast, while existing talent needs to evolve to get to the next level.  Ensuring that there is a plan to do so is key. Setting up an internal "university" while identifying  specific development opportunities for key employees will help ensure companies stay agile and grow. An organizations ability to learn and engage high quality talent will allow them to stay competitive. 2Swell will identify and/or implement the right approach for a specific organization.

New Product Launches

Just building a new product does not ensure it will be bought. From initial marketing validation, to the creation of a minimal viable product, a launch plan and follow-up to drive momentum, 2Swell will assist to increase product launch success.  2Swell will make sure that the hard work of getting the product out the doors is not wasted and has maximum impact given available resources.


Investment Diligence

Whether you are a private investor, representing a PE firm, a VC or other, ensuring that a business is ready for growth before you commit will provide insight into your risk and return. Having an experienced senior operator spend time with the executive and commercial team at the targeted company will quickly asses their sales and marketing strengths, opportunities and threads.  Using this feedback as part of the overal investment decision can make all the difference.

Interim Sales Management 

Sales management is as much about engagement and leadership as it is about tactics and salesmanship in the trenches.  Sales teams need to have the right long- and short-term goals, even daily tasks. Managing not only the team's direction, but also the activity level and the quality of communication is critical.  Showing what a "good" client or prospect interaction looks like makes a lasting impression on the sales team. Setting up weekly coaching conversations, quarterly business reviews and annual plans, coupled with the right commission structures are critical ingredients to most successful sales team. 2Swell can (co)manage the sales and marketing team, transfer knowledge and best-practice processes and then turn "it" back over with better performance.

Critical Meetings  

Whether it is a sales-kickoff, investor pitch, key prospect presentation, analyst or press interview, the 2Swell team has done it before, successfully. Having a sounding-board to prepare, align the agenda to the objectives, curate the right presenters, plan for objections and roll-play to critical conversations will put you ahead of the game, build confidences and ensure a better outcome. Together with the client, 2Swell will envision what success looks like and then help design the environment that will be most conducive to reach that goal.